In this special episode of Tonic, we explore a poorly discussed and misunderstood set of cancers which have an enormous impact on women, their partners and their families. Gynaecological cancers aren’t often spoken about, but include cancers of the uterus, the vulva, the ovary and the cervix among others. As a group, they’re a common form of cancer and their diagnosis can be devastating and particularly troublesome for the women involved as well as their loved ones.
With a focus on survivorship, we meet three women who’ve experienced gynaecological cancer first hand, interview world leading experts on the full gamut of issues experienced by those with gynaecological cancers and examine evidenced based research as well as share important information for life following cancer.

This episode is a must see for all women and anyone with a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, wife or girlfriend… (you get the picture) Don’t miss it.

Tonic TV | S03E06