Tonic on Demand is a free evidence-based health information video library brought to you by Tonic Health Media. Tonic On Demand provides educational, entertaining, compelling video content from today’s health experts. Informative videos covering major health topics are accessible across all digital devices, helping you improve your health with ease.

Watch the health channel while you wait for your appointment and make the most of the take-home information and flyers from the Tonic Brochure board.

Tonic on Demand helps you maximise your health, your health care and your years on this planet.

Tonic on Demand brings you credible and trusted evidence based video content that will educate, entertain and inform.

Created with these values in mind, Tonic on Demand provides bespoke content covering topics on Wellness & Lifestyle, Life Stage & Gender and Illness & Ageing.

Tonic on Demand is featured in over 3500 GP waiting rooms across Australia.


Tonic Health Media is a health media company that produces and distributes evidence-based health content to consumers, through print brochures and digital screens in doctors waiting rooms.

The content is designed to improve health literacy, the ability for patients to self-manage, drive evidence-based practice, and reduce adverse events – facilitating better outcomes for patients, doctors, and the Australian health industry.

In 2016, INFO-MED’s Health Updates joined together with the Tonic Health TV network to create a new and exciting brand in the waiting room: Tonic on Demand. This new singular brand experience for consumers, across digital screens, brochures and posters, will further harness the power of both print and health television in doctor’s waiting rooms around Australia.

Tonic Health Media’s mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. Our vision is to be the most trusted knowledge intermediary in the healthcare system.

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Tonic on Demand combines Tonic Health TV and Brochure Boards to inform, educate and inpire your patients.

Aimed at improving the health literacy for all Australians.

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