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Kids and vegetables

We all know that we should be getting our kids to eat more veggies – particularly green ones – which are full of B vitamins, have anti cancer effects, protect against heart disease and help prevent obesity by being nutrient dense and calorie poor. Dr Valerie Duffy –...

Risk Factors for Dementia

As more research is conducted focusing on dementia, we are learning more about the risk factors and what we can do to minimize our risk. The evidence is showing that many of the risk factors occur in mid-life, and to effectively lower your risk of dementia you need to...

Dementia and Brain Changes

Dementia will touch the lives of almost every Australian at some time in their life, either as a person with dementia or as a family member or carer. We investigate the latest evidence on what causes dementia. Tonic TV | T-S154 | S06Ep07

The benefits of honey

Honey: an ancient remedy making a comeback. One of the most ancient treatments for infections – especially on the skin where a lot of our microbiome lives – is honey. Research is showing this isn’t a myth, honey really does have remarkable properties. Casey Beros...

Targeted cancer treaments

The laboratory revolution helping us learn why drugs work in some people but not in others Norman speaks to Professor Alan Shuldiner from the University of Maryland about testing whether medicines will work on people by testing their genes. It’s called...

Sceptic – Why fat and salt tastes so good

Why do we love eating fat and salt? We all love salt and fat, and those who say they don’t are lying to themselves and to their genes. Do we have a choice? Could there be a physiological need for hot chips? Tonic’s resident sceptic Richard Brophy wonders… Tonic TV |...

Stretch before exercise

Research has called into question whether stretching is worth the time and the effort. With Casey Beros. TonicTV | T-S032 | S01E08
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Your exercise – the burpee

Picking the one very best exercise for your body is almost impossible. There are cardio exercises, strength exercises and more so it’s like comparing oranges and apples. However research from the US has suggested ‘the burpee’ is one of the most effective exercises for...
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Exercise to prevent depression

One of the best and most natural ways to lift your mood if you’re feeling depressed is to take regular exercise. In fact, exercise is thought to prevent depression in the first place. The question though is what kind is best, which is what a group of British...
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Exercise on prescription

There’s no doubt we’re getting fatter, but it’s no longer just about how fat we are, it’s where we store the fat as well. When it comes to the battle of the bulge and losing weight, we tend to focus on our diet, some of us resort to diet pills or even risky surgeries...
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Fun, Fit, Fast – Interval training

You might have heard of interval training, but does it work? Casey Beros talks to exercise physiologist Geoff Brockenshire about how to get the most out of interval training. Tonic TV I T-S046 I S02E11
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